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Related guitars

A trio of Mustangs. (c/o T. Pershing)

     Listed below are a few examples of guitars that are first or second cousins to the Musicmaster/Duo-Sonic design, as well as a couple of one-of-a-kind NAMM show pieces. Among the relatives are the two-pickup Mustang, whose design has many features in common with the third version of the Musicmaster/Duo-Sonic (and eventually replaced the Duo-Sonic), and the single-pickup Bronco, which was originally designed as the Musicmaster's replacement. Selected examples of the Musicmaster and Mustang basses are also included, along with other related instruments.

     For a well-written, extensive history of the Mustang, check out Mr. Maxima's The Fender Mustang Story and In addition, the Jag-Stang Owners Club also has sections for Mustangs and Jaguars. Finally, if you can read Japanese, you might try to locate a copy of the "Vintage Guitar all of Fender Mustang Japan book" (editor in chief: Nishigaki Shigeo; editors: Ono, Sugai, Nakano; published by Urushima Tsugui) [info source: shakin/eBay].

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