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Vintage/Repro Parts Sources

     When I bought a battered '65 Musicmaster II in October 1998, I naturally started looking around for parts sources on the web. I had a heck of a time replacing things like rusted out screws, springs, etc. This page is loosely organized into vintage and reproduction (repro) parts sources. It seems like most dealers are getting out of "vintage" guitar parts, dumping them on eBay. The dealers and web sites listed here do NOT constitute any sort of endorsement or guarantee on my part (although I've ordered from or talked to most of the repro sources listed). If you'd like to submit a web page for consideration, e-mail me and I'll check it out; this list is definitely incomplete. (He doesn't sell parts, but Jim Shine's web page contains a vast smorgasbord of Fender parts info.)
Added Feb. 2002: "official" Fender Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic II parts info/wiring diagram


"Vintage" parts sources:


"Repro" parts sources: