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Refinishing tips

Gallery of Refinished MM/DS's

     Certainly, refinished guitars aren't exclusive to the Musicmaster or Duo-Sonic. Because they were available in so few colors, MM/DS refins are usually easier to spot, and perhaps because they were (are) so low-regarded, there seem to be more folks eager to "practice" refinishing on them. This page is divided into 3 sections: correct, custom, and natural refins. (Refinished guitars with other mods are listed in the other mods galleries.) While the line between "correct" and "custom" refins might not always be clear, for the purposes of this webpage, "correct" will be defined as anything that matches known colors offered for the MM/DS for that year, and "custom" will refer to other colors.

     "Natural" refins offer insight into what types of wood were used for bodies. Fender usually saved ash for semi-transparent "blonde" Teles, etc., because ash tended to have more of a figure than alder. The least desirable wood for bodies (i.e., wood with knots, made of 3 pieces of scrap, etc.) went to solid-color guitars. Student guitars were usually stuck with "plain"-looking alder (late '50s, early '60s) and yellow poplar with dark streaks (mid-'60s to early '70s), but there are plenty of exceptions. For example, a small number of Fenders were made with mahogany bodies and see-thru red finishes ca. '63-'64. The "mahogany red" finish was also offered on guitars with other body woods before it was discontinued. Not many were made because the finish didn't stick very well. Finally, several late-'70s Musicmasters had ash bodies.


"Correct" refins


"Custom" refins


"Natural" refins