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     This page will list some of the more common Musicmaster/Duo-Sonic modifications I've seen/attempted. Some really aren't limited to just MM/DS guitars; it just seems like they're more frequently "experimented" on because they've never been as pricey or desirable as the Strat. Unfortunately, these guitars also seem to be cannibalized for parts (especially the tuners, neckplate, pickups, and electronics) for "vintage" restoration of other Fenders. So if you have an all-original Musicmaster or Duo-Sonic, please LEAVE IT ALONE!!! These guitars already have precious little "vintage" value in the used guitar market. And because most mods require irreversible changes to your guitar, its value will be cut by at least half. There's plenty of refinished/no-original-parts MM/DS's already out there, and most of them are pretty cheap, too. Instead of modding an all-original guitar, consider buying a guitar (or parts) that already has no "vintage" value, as I have done. Okay, off soapbox....

The mods here are divided into 3 categories:

     I'm not an expert guitar repairman or luthier by any means, so please don't use any tips contained herein as your sole source of information for doing mods on your guitar. Use it as a supplement to your copy of Dan Erlewine's Guitar Player Repair Guide (or any other maintenance/repair guide for guitarists). Even then, you still might not be able to perform some of these mods yourself. And if you do, ALWAYS remember to follow the safety instructions! Finally, if you have any suggestions or tips to share, by all means let me know. I'll be glad to put in a link or add a detail.